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Farm To Work / Small Bags

Farm to Work
  Pick up at work, or at the Farm.

What is Farm to Work / Small Bags?

Fields Farm has a service now in its 5th year to provide small bags of vegetables delivered to employees of C.O.C.C.and O.S.U. We also offer these Small Bags to our general farm customers to be picked up at the farm. The businesses that participate in the small bag program have a local coordinator who gathers orders and payment and arranges the delivery of bags to the business.

Why Farm to Work / Small Bags?

We often get requests for half share CSA bags.  Small Bags are like a mini-CSA share, but you can participate any week you wish, you are not committed to a whole season.  Small Bags provide 4 to 5 items that can be used together to provide several servings of vegetables.  For example a bag might contain lettuce mix, carrots, green garlic and spinach for making salads or summer squash, onions, garlic, tomatoes and basil.  The vegetables will change as the season progresses. 

How much does Farm to Work / Small Bags cost?

Farm to Work / Small Bag
This was the week 2 assortment

The cost of a bag is $15.50 if paid by check or cash when you pick up your bag at the farm. 

How do I order Farm to Work / Small Bags?

You can order by calling us (541.382.8059), dropping us an Email or using the web form below.  

We will harvest for and prepare these small bags only when they are ordered!  Orders will be accepted through the preceding Tuesday. Pickups at all locations will be on Thursdays starting June 9th.  

Order by calling 541-382-8059 or email

Thank you!

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