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Local Meats

In an era of factory raised animals we would like to help you find local meat producers. We have visited each one of these farms and know that the animals are raised in humane and sanitary conditions. Please contact the farms directly for prices.

DC and Pam Lundy

Lundy Beef

Lundy Natural Angus Cross Beef is 100% grass fed. No Implants, No Steroids, & No Growth Hormones of any kind are used!!! All animals were born on the Lundy Farm and have never left.

contact info:

16073 SW Alfalfa Rd.
Powell Butte, OR 97757

Grass Fed Beef Available Now
Wt. 800-1000lbs
½ or whole carcass

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Liberty Farm

Paula and Kevin Kinzer
65180 76th St.
Bend, OR 97701

Liberty Farm breeds and raises heritage
turkeys, chickens & ducks for meat and eggs.
Their poultry are free-range, anti-biotic/hormone
free, fed a local GMO-FREE feed mix, and very well cared for.

Heritage breeds are defined by their ability to breed on their own, natural growth rate, the
ability to live a normal life span, and delicious flavor. These fascinating, friendly birds are
excellent grazers and make an excellent standalone poultry project or compliment to
existing farming activities. The meat is superb and sure to enhance your culinary

Heritage Chickens $5.00 per pound (complimentary Sage & Rosemary)
Heritage Turkeys $5.75 per pound (complimentary Sage & Rosemary)
Heritage Duck Meat $7.75 per pound (complimentary Sage & Rosemary)
Eggs: Duck--$6/dozen, Turkey--$8/dozen, Chicken--$3.75/dozen

They also sell chicks and live birds as well, please contact for pricing

HolmeStead Ranch

Mike and Debbie Holmes
24075 E. Hwy 20
Bend, OR 97701

Chickens, Cornish cross hens available mid August
Turkey, heritage available mid-November
Goat meat available now on request

Pork available December

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