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CSA Shares

post by: Debbie  April 16, 2014

Hey it's an early spring and veggies are coming on!  Both large and small CSA shares are available, Large share-$630, Small share-$320

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Spring Greens!

post by: Debbie  April 15, 2014

After several months of root vegetables we are just craving greens. There is nothing better than the first harvest of greens in spring.  They are the sweetest and most tender of the season. We've had salads twice a day for the last few days. Yesterday we got the wash station cleaned and ready for harvest.  We delivered a nice bunch of lettuce mix, spring greens braising mix and arugula to Locavore and the Farm Stand refrigerator is full too.  Eggs and Wild Rice are also available.  Please excuse the construction materials still in the Farm Stand shed, we'll be moving those out over the next week.  Please come help yourself or if it's your first time here feel free to give a honk and we'll come help you.  This is the earliest harvest we have experienced in our 25 years on the farm, enjoy the bounty.

Debbie, Jim and Brian

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Spring news

post by: Debbie  March 24, 2014

Hi Folks,

Life is picking up here on the farm.  The first lettuce, arugula and spinach starts go into the ground this week, so look for the first harvest of the best tender greens in 3 weeks!  Before life gets to hectic and these news items turn into a brief listing of what produce we have,  we wanted to respond to a couple of you who wondered what we read during the winter.  Actually Jim reads on a  wide diversity of topics from farming to astronauts to bicycling and all sorts of stories.  There is one book we thought worth mentioning called "Farmacology" by Daphne Miller, a very readable book on what small diverse farms can teach us about health.

Our big event of the winter was our oldest son got married last week.  We had a wonderful dinner down at Locavore for both families and the wedding party, 55 in all.  Many thanks to Gordon and Aliza from Baked Bakery and all our extended family who chopped, sliced, cooked, served and decorated for this event.  It was followed by a pretty darn close to perfect wedding at Aspen Hall the following day.

We still have CSA shares for sale, both large and small.  We've opened 10 new shares this year as we have Brian McNaughton back farming with us.  Brian is bringing you some veggies we have not grown much of, including artichokes, celery and eggplant all of which are doing well in the greenhouse now.

In the sales shed there are plenty of eggs, wild rice and potatoes available. 

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More CSA news, eggs

post by: Debbie  March 11, 2014

Hi Folks,

CSA shares are available, $630 for a large share, $320 for a small share.  Pick ups will be available at the Locavor Store at 1216 NE 1st St. (behind Miller Lumber) as well as at the farm.  Please give us a call if you have any questions, 541-382-8059 or email. 

The ladies are pretty happy to see some sunny weather and have begun to bless us with eggs.  They are in the grey refigerator along with some potatoes.  They are $5.00/ dozen.  Don't mind the lumber, we're doing some repair work on the sunspace and it will be out of the way soon.

Jim, Debbie and Brian

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CSA Time!

post by: Debbie  January 31, 2014

We had a lovely winter vacation and now we're ready for the 2014 farming season. The first thing we plan for is our 2014 CSA.  We're offering our large shares once again at $630.00 for 26 weeks and a large bag of veggies for storage at the end of the season.  Our small shares are $320.00 for the same 26 weeks.  The large shares will have 10 to 15 items in the bag, the variety increases as the season progresses and small shares 5 to 7 items.  To sign up for a share mail or come on by with check or cash, your name, address, phone number and email.   You can pay in full or in 2 payments, 1/2 to secure your share and the second payment due by the end of June.  

Brian MacNaughton, who has worked for us in the past, is joining us farming this season and is bringing some new varieties of vegetables to try.  We finished one of our greenhouse projects for  even earlier greens  and more ripe tomatoes!

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your confidence in us as growers of your food.  Any questions, give us a call at 541-382-8059 or email.

Jim, Debbie and Brian

Fields Farm,  61915 Pettigrew Rd. Bend, OR  97702

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post by: Debbie  December 20, 2013

Hi folks,

Just want to let you know we still have 5 varieties of potatoes, a few jars of sauerkraut, garlic herb powders, wild rice, onions, beets and some bags of garlic cloves.  We are pretty much out of heads of garlic but there is always heads with damaged cloves so we took the good cloves and made 1/2 lb bags for $3.00.

Merry Christmas to all and a happy solstice!  (I will be sooo happy to see our days get longer)

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post by: Debbie  December 5, 2013

Hi Folks,

During this cold snap all the veggies are stuffed in the grey refrigerator to keep them from freezing.  Feel free to open the sales shed door and pick up what you need from the refrigerator.  The sauerkraut is inside the sunroom attached to our house.  Come through the gate into the yard and knock on the sunroom door if you would like sauerkraut or garlic powders or quince jelly.  

Stay Warm!

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Fields Farm News

post by: Debbie  November 24, 2013

Hi Folks,

It's Thanksgiving week and we have just taken the last batch of sauerkraut out of the crocks!  We are thankful for this abundant year.  With the help of some deer fencing we had a prolific cabbage crop.  Listening to the gentle glug, glug of the fermentation process as cabbage is transformed into crisp, tangy sauerkraut has added to the richness of our farm life.  This final batch of the season is out in the sales shed along with our Old Fashioned Quince Jelly.

Garlic Herb powders including Plain Garlic, Garlic Basil, Fiesta Blend and Seasonal Seasoning are available to spice up your holiday meals.  It's potato sale time!

20 Lbs for $20,  10 lbs for $11.00  Varieites include German Butterball, a smoooth yellow skin wwith deep yellow interior, good for mashing, baking, cottage fries, an all around delicous potato.  Our red potato is Chieftain with a smooth red skin and creamy white interior.

Fingerling potatoes include Russian Banana and Peruvian Purple.  Both are delicious roasted, steamed, in stews.  Baked, one of our local bakeries has been using them in a potato cheese bread.  10 lbs for $12.50.

Carrots, beets, onions, garlic  are also on the table or in the refrigerator.

Come on by, stock up for winter and your holiday meals.    

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